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Hi everyone, my name is Sharon and I'm from the Bronx, NY. I graduated from SUNY Old Westbury in 2003 with a B.A. in Media & Communications. I also completed my Paralegal Studies Certificate at Long Island University Brooklyn Campus in 2011. What I'm trying to do now is apply to graduate school at New York University (NYU) in hopes to complete an M.S. in Sports Business with a concentration in Sports Law followed by an M.A. in Music Business. The best part is, both of these masters programs do not require you to take the GRE. I'm so happy about that because I wanted to avoid taking that exam.

Aside from that, I'm an aspiring singer/songwriter whose genre is R&B/Hip Hop/Urban. This has been my life long dream for so long, you know? In high school and college, there were talent shows happening sometimes and I've participated in many of them. After I graduated from Old Westbury, I was one of the people selected to perform at the New York Music Festival in November 2004. As a result, I was the winner of the R&B category where I won the Best Female R&B Solo award (I sang cover songs since I didn't have original material at the time). It was a big deal because I never won an award before. My entire family was so proud of me. I feel blessed knowing that all of these experiences helped me be confident and comfortable on stage. Last year, I attended the ASCAP NY Sessions event where I reconnected with a music producer I worked with in the past, and we've been in touch ever since. It's nice to come across someone who knows and is familiar with your talent. It helps a lot. I found a few other good studios in NYC as well. Hopefully, I'll be in the studio to work on my music soon.

I'm so excited to be a NABFEME member again. I missed NABFEME so much. So many times, I would bug Johnnie Walker asking her when the website will be up and running again. When she gave me an update on that the other day, I immediately spread the word to my fellow NABFEME members. I truly love this organization because speaking from past experiences, the NABFEME staff and other NABFEME members have shown me so much love, support, and encouragement. That alone means so much to me because it can be hard to pursue your dreams when you're not backed up with a support system. Therefore, I look forward to reconnecting with old NABFEME members and linking up with new NABFEME members. :)




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    Welcome back as a new member of NABFEME I look forward to connecting with you as well, also being an East Coast Lady, from Jersey City, NJ and have a few friends in the Bronx area we already have more in common than the love for this industry.
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      How old are you? I'm just curious that's all. I'm 32 years old between you and me. Thanx for the warm welcome. What do you do career wise?
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