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Selena Stewart

Selena Stewart is an award winning producer who has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade. She has worked with major networks such as MTV, BET, truTV, TV One and ITV.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and a Certificate in Filmmaking from New YorkUniversity. Selena enjoys the power of storytelling in documentary films and has worked with award winning HBO Documentary Director Brent Owens.

As a child she was extremely shy and grew up under the rule “children are seen but not heard”. It took well into her adulthood before she could speak up for herself. It was such a liberating feeling that it became her goal to support others in getting their voice heard. Hence, the birth of Stewart Creative!

Linda "Bliss" Young

Bliss Artist Management is owned and operated by Linda aka Bliss, a self-made entertainment manager from the early 1990s. Bliss performs various entertainment duties which include stage management, event planning and hosting and stage MC. In 2021 she joined Tava company which focuses on health and wellness. She is also an independent associate with MyEcon, a personal financial success company. The group has participated in supporting youth efforts with business partner Rashida Jabbar of the J&R Grassroots Teen Artist Development Organization. Bliss also partners with Moe Yeoman of Fresh Flava Entertainment to book and tour with major artists.

Linda Bliss’ list of collaborations is endless. She has worked with a host of Entertainers/Promoters over the years such as Donald Edwards, Karen Dade (DMV REALTOR), Queen Aishah, Griff, Timmy Hall, Dee Shaw-Wesley, Ephraim Hicka, Tox Burner, Reign Chlyd, Liberty, B.B.S. and Pure Gold; and has represented Uniting the Elements, Powder, Justin Tyme, YRS Entertainment, BK Productions and DJ Nebula. Bliss Artist Management currently represents DJ Sir Jamm,  and NexXzit Band.

Currently hosting a Monthly Networking event in the Washington DC Metro area. Bliss markets, promotes and books artists to all major music outlets online and conducts lifestyle promotions. Linda “Bliss” Young Bliss is the recipient of the Best DMV Manager Award (2019); nominated for the Best DMV Promoter by Mama Awards Music & Movie Honors (2023); Other awards and achievements include 2006 DMV Trailblazer in the Music Industry, 2003 Humanitarian Award, J&R Grassroots, and Magic 102.3 Volunteer Coordinator Certificate.  

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