Corporate Membership

Joining NABFEME is good business for any business! Corporate Membership is available to companies who conduct business directly or indirectly in music and entertainment, or companies whose products and services target and/or benefit women. This membership level provides an opportunity for companies, employees and entertainment industry personnel to have access to greater connections and increased ideas, which means better business, more resources and the opportunity to form quality relationships.

In addition, NABFEME Corporate Members enjoy increased visibility and high-level exposure to our over 10,000 members and associates via in-person, email and social media engagements. This membership level provides priority booth or space assignment at events, plus brand exposure, business networking opportunities, and more.

NABFEME operates in 20 metro markets in the United States, Canada and Africa.


  • Support employee career development with the NABFEME memberships earmarked for your employees

  • Connect with potential customers through events and activities conducted by NABFEME's 20 active Networks

  • Meet, establish and conduct business via attendees of the NABFEME International Women's Leadership Summit

  • Enjoy features and banner ads in the NABFEME Newsletter distributed to our 12K+ elist

  • Banner ad placements on the NABFEME website and Member portal

  • Demonstrate your company's commitment to diversity and inclusion to NABFEME members, affiliates and supporters

  • Use the global positioning of NABFEME to market and benefit your company internationally 

  • Raise the profile of your company through NABFEME events, meetings and activities

  • Display the culture of your company to the #1 consumer group... WOMEN!

  • Network with other businesses to exchange views and utilize opportunities for improved workplace practices

Becoming a Corporate Member of NABFEME is easy, click here to Apply Online.  For membership questions, please call our office at (901) 236-8439 or email us directly at:

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