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NABFEME is the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Incorporated …  a non-profit organization that work to increase the awareness and raise the profile of women of color in music and entertainment.  An advocate for women, the organization's mission seeks to advance the female agenda of education, equality, empowerment and inclusion. The organization operates through a structured network system with Network leaders at the helm in each region or market.

NABFEME Networks provide the best way to stay informed of relevant local and regional activities while helping you to make valuable professional connections.  

To enhance your member experience, we have appointed leaders or Operation Managers in our active Networks, nationally and internationally.  These leaders, or the NABFEME Management Team are focused on the overall growth of the organization in their respective regions, while creating opportunities that enhance each member's experience.  They also work towards sponsorship, fundraising, increasing membership, retaining members and providing added value in the community.

With a NABFEME Network you can:

  • Expand your knowledge base and build contacts
  • Exchange ideas and learn from your peers
  • Step into leadership roles
  • Earn recognition though network special events and awards
  • Learn about career development and job opportunities

The local Management Team works diligently to present NABFEME as the organization with the best learning and networking environment; a place to share camaraderie as well as a resource that helps members grow and develop their leadership skills.


This team also plans and administers local and regional programs and activities while overseeing special events and membership interests.  View the cities posted under Leadership to locate the area and Manager closest to you.



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