Code of Ethics

The following conduct guidelines were created to strengthen the NABFEME Experience.  Based on the premise that everyone is involved voluntarily and solely for the purpose of professional and personal empowerment, we believe that a spirit of cooperation, comradery and collaboration should exist amongst the membership body.  

The NABFEME Code of Ethics

1.    Be honest and truthful with each other.

2.    Respect each other.

3.    Be on time!

4.    Show integrity and consideration to one another.

5.    Make only agreements that you intend to keep.

6.    Be supportive of members of the organization.

7.    Support early and support often.

8.    Be willing to stand behind the purpose and mission of NABFEME.

9.  If there is a question on the legality of an activity…consult the NABFEME General Counsel first.

10.  Do not use NABFEME simply to sell products and/or services.

11.  Do not share sensitive NABFEME data without first securing approval from Headquarters.

12.  Be willing to give the same type and level of information that you request.

13.  Before using information that contains a member's name, always obtain permission first.

14.  Understand how your NABFEME sister would like to have any information she has provided handled. Respect her wishes and handle it in that manner.

15.  Be direct… deal direct (if you have a problem with someone go directly to that person … or let it go).

16.  Take personal responsibility. Do not place blame on others.

17.  Be resourceful (find solutions before dumping on others).

18.  Do not participate in gossip, malicious slander or hearsay regarding a NABFEME member.

19.  Be effective and efficient (do more with less).

20.  Put more attention and focus on what works.

With respect to the NABFEME Code of Ethics, the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment, Inc. endeavors to:

  •  Provide an atmosphere where all women feel empowered, comfortable and welcome
  •  Be accessible to the membership body
  •  Resolve problems quickly and efficiently
  •  Value all of our members and their opinions
  •  Provide educational, networking and empowerment opportunities
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