My NABFEME Story by Dr. Renee Matthews

June 21, 2014 8:49 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

In 2005 when the NABFEME Summit was in Chicago I made it a priority to attend because I have always dreamed of working in the entertainment industry. At this conference I met Karen Taylor Bass and her assistant Wendy Robinson.  Meeting these two ladies was the beginning of who I am today.  After spending the weekend with Karen, she  learned that I was a medical doctor and she gave me some advice that changed my world ...  she said “from now on you will introduce yourself as Dr. Renee.”  From that moment forward every person I met, I introduced myself as Dr. Renee.  At the NABFEME Showcase at the Harold Washington Center I saw a talented, young female rapper, Lady Te who is from my hometown of Detroit.

Wendy encouraged me to ask her for her package and contact information.  I told Wendy I was just getting started and felt I needed more experience. I was not sure if I wanted to go in the same direction as her with my career in the entertainment industry. Although I wasn’t sure I took the chance and introduced myself to Lady Te and her parents.  After having the package for two weeks, I finally opened it to discover she was more than just talented but also professional and passionate about her music career.  Immediately I contacted her mother to learn more about Lady Te’s project and her mom was so impressed she was ready to sign the contract right away!  I remember when I sent my first press release/email blast Johnnie Walker emailed me and gave me a critique and I couldn’t believe that someone of her caliber took time to reach out to me.

August 2005 Matthews Entertainment Group & Associates was born and from our work with Lady Te more notable artists started calling. Karen Taylor Bass is now my mentor/sisterfriend and she has emailed and called me after every major milestone in my career. Now in 2014 we are managing Steven Russell Harts lead singer of TROOP who is also a Grammy winning songwriter and producer.  My company could not have been successful had it not been for the contacts I made at the NABFEME Summit.  Those ladies introduced me to a world of people that I would have never known.  Most importantly, I would never have been known as Dr. Renee had it not been for my interaction with NABFEME.

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