NABFEME Toronto Seminar: Purpose Passion Power

February 23, 2014 3:07 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)
What's NEXT in your life and career? What is your purpose? What and where is your passion? How do you define your Power? Would a "Life-Coach" be useful as you strategize? How do you navigate through life's challenges? To help you understand your goals and how to better reach them, we called Life Coach Kim Thomas!

When it comes to boosting your self-confidence and self esteem, a Life Coach can do this and more, that's why we created THE NEXT FACTOR! The primary focus of this seminar is YOU! We hope it will help you determine your next move in creating strategies for improving the outcomes of your work and/or personal life. RSVP now for our March 6th session with Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Kim Thomas.

Presented by NABFEME Toronto 
Sponsored by ING Direct and Nokia

Admission is FREE ... but, you must RSVP!

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