Reflecting 2013 — Happy 2014!!

January 19, 2014 2:41 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

Hello Everyone!

For every venture, every success and everything that you are currently engaged in or working on...  please allow me to congratulate each of you with a Happy Prosperous 2014!  Much success to you and there is greater in store for us in 2014! I look forward to the organization’s continued growth and adding value to our membership by presenting to you more programs, events and professional development seminars.

While our local networks initiate the majority of our events and activities, we are a body of inspired and very active women.  Our 2013 initiatives would not have enjoyed success without the input, involvement and support of our members and the local leadership. Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas that you would like to share; if you have an interest in being a part of a committee or workgroup, or if you would like to participate in a specific project or event.  When we work together... amazing things happen! Contact the Network leader nearest you, or contact our national office at (901) 236-8439 and

Brand WOMEN WHO JAM! experienced a boost and tremendous growth in 2013  with increased outlets airing the radio program, thus increasing the number of opportunities for women making music to be heard.  For a list of stations that air our program, visit  SESAC, the fastest growing performance rights organization in the US, joined our operations by hosting 7 dedicated Women Who Jam! showcases in their Atlanta showroom!  Stage 72 in New York joined us as a showcase partner; and Philadelphia picked up steam by adding a Women Who Jam! showcase in the market every first Tuesday in the month at the Mezzanine Super Club.   The next partner to join our efforts to promote women in music was KISS-104 FM in Atlanta.  Through a 6-week campaign that featured live performances and social media voting, we delivered the opening acts for the station’s annual Family-Fest concert in the park, headlined by the legendary all girl band, KLYMAXX!  Implemented through a partnership with Victory in Christ Christian Church, Women Who Jam for Christ was introduced.   This faith-based showcase featuring performances by Gospel and Inspirational artists was extremely successful.  It opened the door for the creation of a radio program by the same name featured on the LMB Network.

2013 saw various meetings with the leadership of the organization to plan goals and objectives.  Overall we decided to

  • Continue to promote the value of the organization
  • Implement programs and events to stimulate membership
  • Review the potential return of the Women’s Leadership Summit
  • Review the By-Laws to promote good governance
  • Improve our outreach via new technology & social media
  • Continue to provide quality programs & events for our members

In 2013 we implemented NABFEME Connect, an “open” monthly conference call as a means of communicating with the membership and those considering membership.  We believe that initiative did not deliver the desired results because it was open.  NABFEME Connect was delayed with a planned return in 2014, but utilized as a planning tool for the local leadership.  Open calls will be presented only at the discretion of the local leadership.

In 2013 NABFEME Headquarters also engaged in the development or re-development of new or established regional networks, We believe this will increase our strength and overall presence in the marketplace. This action included markets like Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and Toronto, Canada.

Greater in 2014 ...  I look forward to seeing you or meeting you at our coming events.  I look forward to your continued involvement and encourage you to invite others to become a part of our mission to empower women of color in music and entertainment!

Yours in Success,

Johnnie Walker, CEO  (Chief Empowerment Officer)

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