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December 31, 2023 3:26 PM | Johnnie Walker (Administrator)

NABFEME 2023 Review

NABFEME kicked off the year with our “Bubbles & Bosses” Campaign.   It was designed as an after-work networking set that featured female entrepreneurs, businesswomen, managers, community leaders and more.  Each session was designed to educate and inform the market in a woman-friendly, diverse, open to all type of atmosphere.  It included 3-4 “local bosses” ... powerful women who shared stories and gems from their success journey. We completed sessions in Memphis, Detroit, Shreveport, Chicago and Charlotte.

NABFEME completed a series of Facebook LIVE Sessions that were entitled “The Monthly Mojo” featuring professional thought leaders.  The monthly series included “Women’s Self Defense, we spotlighted Phelicia Wright whose career story inspired the Black Moon Girl Disney Character, we dug into entertainment legalities and business deals with Atty Rosetta Upshaw, Actress and Producer Erika Nicole Malone shared the journey and challenges of being a Black female in Hollywood who is acting, directing and producing... we had a great time with Transformation Coach Deanna Dupree and Kraft Foods retired VP, Robert Johnson shared leadership tips. For Black Music Month, we spotlighted Black Female DJs... Chevi Redd, DJ Lexx, Shani Scott, DJ Faze and Milli Mills were among our guests. We also spotlighted music and record label executive TC Tompkins and his new book, “When Radio Was King,” and for Black Music Month, we introduced our Queens of Southern Soul, which led us to the Elephant In The Room series.

The Elephant In The Room initiative was designed to tour 10 cities and focus on community engagement and social responsibility. It aimed to bring together local entrepreneurs, government officials, and influential speakers along with soulful R&B music performers we labeled the “Queens of R&B.” The initiative aimed to initiate discussions and conversations surrounding various social issues and unspoken truths that affect our communities, including Mental Health, Social Injustice, Homelessness, Funding for Black Businesses, Domestic Violence, Guns, Breast Cancer, HIV, and many others. Although there were challenges during the tour, the great audiences, powerful speakers, and excellent performances fueled the initiative, and it gained popularity as people began to understand the concept. As a result, there are four pre-confirmed Elephant In The Room dates in 2024. 

In 2023, NABFEME partnered with the Susan G Komen Foundation to address breast cancer in the Black community. The partnership was suggested by a longtime colleague, and although some aspects were positive, there were also some challenges. To move forward, NABFEME agreed to obtain the foundation's approval before including them in any marketing or events since not everything is suitable for everyone. The Elephant In The Room series was a great start for both organizations, and we will handle each scenario on a case-by-case basis. The partnership agreement is valid for one year.

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